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Encouragement to Advance – Training Seminars for Women Scientists

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Center of Excellence Women and Science offers Training Seminars for Women Scientists.
A new programme ‚Encouragement to Advance -Training Seminars for Women Scientists‘ intends to empower women scientists within the European Research Area (ERA), offering training on appointment procedures for professorships in Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and the Czech Republic. Trainings encourage mobility and supranational careers in research and higher education.Seminars are accessible for women scientists from all disciplines, who do not yet hold a position as a tenure professor but are qualified for appointments. Women scientists from countries participating in the 7th European RTD framework programme can take part in the programme. Participants must hold a PhD or equivalent degree for four to six years, speak English and the national language of the country they wish to work in fluently, and have an understanding of the general landscape of academia in the country aimed at.

Each four-day-long seminar provides a surplus of knowledge due to international appointment procedures, supervision of effective professorial lectures, and training of how to conduct negotiations at universities committees; examination of application documents; individual support in career strategies development and career- objectives, as well as finding ones own benefit in an international academic landscape. Participants enter a Europe-wide network of women scientists subsequent to the seminar. On the fourth day of training information focuses on European dimensions of science and research. Experts give insights on European research policy, European Commissions 7th framework programme and the European Platform of Women Scientist EPWS.

The project Encouragement to Advance – Training Seminars for Women Scientists is supported by the European Commissions 6th RTD framework programme. An overall of 16 seminars, of 14 participants each, are held in Brussels from April 2007 until January 2008. Trainings are held in English or German, due to participants needs. A charge of 250 € covers training, overnight costs, access to communication platform and relevant documents given.

Please send in your application from now on, but latest until January 26th 2007, to participate in Seminars from April 2007 onwards. Incoming applications at any later stage will be given access to Seminars from September 2007 onwards only. Due to specific criteria, successful applicants will be matched in seminar groups. Therefore two optional seminar dates are offered to each participant in due time. If both dates unfit, participants are waitlisted. Participation is to be likely then, but not guaranteed. Successful matching and participation in the project is enhanced by early application.

To apply to the programme, please send
1) Application Form
2) Letter of Motivation (maximum of 1000 words) to anke.lipinsky@cews.org.
No incomplete application will be taken into account.

Please send printed records to
Center of Excellence Women and Science CEWS
Encouragement to Advance
Poppelsdorfer Allee 15
D- 53115 Bonn

Application records will be evaluated by an international Board of Experts. After successful evaluation enrolees receive documents on further proceedings. Successful application to the programme gives access to training seminars and a communication platform of international scientists.

Find more Information on http://www.cews.org

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