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To all institutions of higher education in Switzerland and surrounding countries (universities, universities of applied sciences, federal institutes of technology, pedagogical universities)

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Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Colleagues

We invite you to present your eLearning product and services to companies, other lecturers, foundations and to a wider public.
With Education meets Business the Swiss Virtual Campus has created together with BEA Expo Berne an exceptional event where you will meet future partners, customers, other networks or marketing specialists.It will take place on October 15th 2007 from 1.30 to 6 p.m. at BEA Expo in Berne.
Education meets Business offers you the following opportunities:
– We invite your specific target group with different forms of networking and marketing
– You can use a booth on a unique national fair at minimal cost
– Keynotes, workshops and networking activities create a unique opportunity for institutions of higher education to promote their products and services.
At this event you will meet:
– Companies that are interested in using your product or service
– eLearning producers who want to partner with you in marketing and maintenance activities
– Other institutions that want to share their content and experience
– Network responsible persons who want to mediate your product or service.
Interested? Fill in our application form on our website
or send an eMail to svc@crus.ch
We will be able to host 50 presenters.
You will find more information e.g. concerning costs within the documents attached.
Dont hesitate to contact us: Christian Hohnbaum, Coordinator Swiss Virtual Campus, christian.hohnbaum@crus.ch
We are looking forward to meeting you in Berne.
Best wishes and best regards.
Christian Hohnbaum

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