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Learning Styles, Individualized Teaching and Personalized Learning

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1st International Conference on

Learning Styles, Individualized Teaching and
Personalized Learning

Department of Teacher Education and School Research,

University of Innsbruck,

Creative Learning Systems, Auckland, New Zealand & Vienna, Austria

Date: Friday, 4th and Saturday, 5th September 2009

Location: University of Innsbruck, Austria

“Learning is the most personal thing in the world. It is as distinct as the wrinkles in a face or the lines in the palm of your hand …” Everyone has a thinking style, learning style and working style as unique as our finger prints. In conventional educational settings, very few people learn or work in a way which is best for them and the way their brain naturally works. The complexity of learning as an interplay of head, heart and hand (Pestalozzi) or thinking, feeling and doing gives rise to the intricate question of how can young people or professionals learn in a sustainable, successful way.

For many years, teachers, parents, students of all ages and JPFs (Just Plain Folks) around the world have been analysing their individual learning ‚biographies‘ (their personal learning and working styles) and found out more about the secrets of learning. Personalized forms of learning and teaching are playing an ever-increasing role in personal and professional development. Authentic learning is only possible if it is a total holistic human activity, which is always a transformational process, not a transactional one.

The First Innsbruck Conference on Learning Styles, Individualized Teaching and Personalized Learning brings together researchers and educators from all over the world who want to intensify their knowledge about new ways of learning and teaching through learning styles. The conference gives individuals and groups from all walks of life and professional institutions the chance to present their diverse practical applications and research work with personalised learning and teaching in heterogeneous settings focused on learning and/or working styles. It will weave together the various experiences into an impressive knowledge base to be shared by the participants as their collective wisdom. This can be used in future to bring about positive changes in the world of education and work.

Conference language is English

Further information about the exact programme will be available from the end of June

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